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Increase employee participation 

Offer student loan forgiveness, gym subsidies, pet insurance & everything else employees want without increasing budget.

Inclusive, and personalized for all

Support all employees regardless of location (remote or satellite office), life-stage, or other individual preferences.

Eliminate HR administrative burden

Use lifestyle spending accounts & Compt to manage all, or some, of your perks in less than 30 minutes a month (yes, seriously!).

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What the Compt software is not

  • A vendor aggregator. We do not place limitations on who you, or your employees, can buy from. We believe in 100% personalization, and to achieve that, that means no pre-selected vendors.
  • A discount platform. We love a good discount, but that's not our goal. We're focused on providing employees with unlimited perks.
  • Vendor management system. Picking, purchasing, managing, and maintaining all of your perks is already a full-time job. Lifestyle Spending Accounts through Compt alleviate that administrative burden, while giving your employees everything they want.

What the Compt software is

  • 100% customized perks, without the complexity. No more guessing what every employee wants. You create the budgets, select the categories for spending, determine the spending cycles, and your employees get the perks they want and need most.
  • Flexible for you and your team. Give everyone the same lifestyle spending account, or create new stipends for your remote employee, new hires, or give bonuses for a job well done. This also makes perks easier for you to manage.
  • Inclusive. When employees selecting their perks, they're always relevant. From newly-graduated employees living in the city to a family of four living in the suburbs -- everyone gets the perks best for them and their situation.

Employees want more. How will you keep up with their needs?

How customers are using Compt

transform current stipends

Transition existing stipends

Stop dropping cash into employees' checks. With Compt, your investment is more visible & employees more proactive.

supplemental perk add-ons

Add on supplemental perks

Offering every perk is impossible, achieve 100% personalization by adding a supplemental perk stipend to your already-awesome program. 

total perks program

Offer all perks through Compt

Skip the vendor management process altogether and go straight to an entirely personalized perk program.

Compt is a better way of making employees happy. I don’t have to choose what perks to give to future employees since they get to choose their own.

Max Blumenthal

Founder & CEO, Fincura

This perk has allowed me to spend time with the people I care about. Because of this perk, I was able to expense a flight home to surprise my mom for her birthday. That’s priceless. 

Jared Littlejohn compt testimonial

Jared Littlejohn

Employee at Midaxo

What is your biggest obstacle with perks?


Tired of managing all perks and the administrative burden?

Uncertain of the perks your team really wants?

Haven't found a way to motivate your remote employees?

Trouble aligning perks with company values?

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We at Compt understand the struggles you go through to make your organization happy. Let us help make your employees happier and your job easier, so everyone can shine brighter.