Guide For Employees Looking For Better Perks

Let us help you get the employee perks you want. 


This may be the most important question you’ll answer today: On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy are you with the perks your company is currently offering you?

Most employees we talk to rate their company’s perks pretty low.

Whether it’s free beer when you’re not a drinker, a smoothie bar that you don’t want, or an on-site gym that you can’t access because you work remote -- companies are offering more perks than ever, but they’re often not really relevant to your needs or what you'd buy if given the opportunity to pick for yourself. 

If this is something you’ve been feeling, you’re not alone. 

Now let’s go onto maybe the second most important question you’ll answer today: If you could pick any office perk in the world, what would you pick?

Would you want a membership to your local gym, a monthly subscription to ClassPass, or a meditation app for your phone? How about a free book to help you master your craft, money for student loan repayments, pet insurance, or airpods?

The question, as to what perks you’d pick, is one that employees who use our software get to answer every month. 

Imagine the endless possibilities if you were able to pick your own perks? You’d get perks that are relevant to you and your needs with the ability to easily change them whenever you want. One of our team members paid her half-marathon race entry fee one month and then bought several books from a local bookstore the next month.  The benefits to picking your own perks are significant, because at the end of the day the one person who really knows what you need to be happy and grow, is YOU. 

Why the perks of today are broken:

Money icon

Perks are expensive

Your company invests your compensation on perks for you.

Personal preference icon

Perks aren't personalized to you

The perks are often not really relevant or what you'd buy if given the opportunity to pick your own.

Adaptation growth icon

Perks don't grow with you

The perks don't adapt as your life and goals change.

So what’s the solution? Your own Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA).

Lifestyle Spending Accounts are the best perks for employees.

❤️ Imagine having a budget to spend on what matters most to you. ❤️

Employees love LSAs because:

  • They get the perks they actually want. 
  • The flexibility allows the perks to change as the employees needs change. 

HR/People Operations Teams love LSAs because:

  • They make perks personalized and more meaningful for employees.
  • They make perks more inclusive. When employees pick their own perks, everyone gets what they need instead of perks which unintentionally favor one community (who actually like the perk) over another (who doesn't like or use the perk).
  • They are easy to manage. Right now, your People Operations team member is likely spending a lot of time picking, piloting, purchasing, and managing the best perks for your team along with all of the vendors that go with these perks -- and it takes a lot of time. Lifestyle Spending Accounts can get set up within one lunch period, and take 30 minutes to manage a month.

Example of a Lifestyle Spending Account.

In the example to the left, Sam's company has allocated $100 per month to her and other employees to spend the following perk categories: continuous learning, health & wellness, and food.

This month, Sam purchased books, a gym membership, paid for a lunch with her team, and still has $20 remaining.

How would you spend your $100 this month? ?

How LSAs work:

Your People Ops team develops a budget for each employee to spend.

They set specific categories (which match the company culture and can be seen below) that you can spend in, as well as the timeframes for spending.

Then you’re off! You can buy whatever fits within those predefined high-level categories. 

From gym memberships, to meditation apps, to student loan forgiveness, pet insurance, or Airpods. The sky is the limit.?

Want to share this with your HR/People Ops person?

If you’re thinking, “Alright this sounds great, but how am I supposed to bring this up to my HR/People Ops team without sounding ungrateful?”

No worries, we’ve created this template below for you to easily email to whoever is in charge of perks for your company! Don't stress; just copy, paste, send. 

Hello *name*,

I hope you’re doing well. I am *your name* in *your department* and wanted to take a second to talk to you about our current perks program. 

First, I know you put in a lot of effort into making us happy, and I’m super thankful for all the work you do. 

Second, I wanted to share a cool idea I just found: Lifestyle Spending Accounts through Compt.

They’re basically company-funded accounts for employees to spend the perk money however is best for us. They’re great for employees because we get to pick the perks that are most relevant for us and our needs, and it removes the administrative burden of managing hundreds of vendors for you. 

I found their one-pager where you’ll see that their mission is to help all HR/People Ops Teams and employees be the happiest they can with perks. Also, at the bottom of the email is a graphic showing some of the benefits of these LSAs. 

With Compt, you can offer every employee perk instead of trying to pick the perfect one for everyone. Below are some additional resources that you could look at to see if Compt would be a good fit for our team. 

Thank you for considering this idea,

*your name*

Benefits of Lifestyle spending accounts