Did Deborah in Engineering Ask for a Pink Pony?

Employee perks can be tricky. How can you satisfy every employee’s unique wants and needs (and the occasional wild request)?

Simple - personalized perk stipends!


See How Our Customers Use Compt

These case studies are just a few ways our customers are supporting employees and boosting engagement with Compt:

Wellness Programs

ButterflyMX uses Compt to support its empoyees’ unique wellness journeys and lifestyles, in the US and around the globe.

Team Engagement

Fictiv turned to Compt to modernize their perk offerings and saw 100% engagement and increased employee satisfaction.

Support Global Teams

70% of Webflow's team is remote. Compt helps them support 100% of their remote team just like their on-site team.

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Employee Perk Stipend Ebook

This ebook shares in-depth information about employee stipends that no one tells you about. You will learn:

  • How employee stipends can drive 90%+ employee engagement (vs. ~10% on traditional perk programs)
  • How the right stipend management tool reduces your monthly effort from 20+ hours to 30 mins by automating approval, payroll reimbursement, and tax-compliance.
  • How you can support your teams with perks they want!

Ready to Jump Start?

Ready to jump start and manage your employees and teams with confidence? We can help!

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