Celebrate Your People with Personalized Team Recognition Benefits

Tired of generic "thank yous"? Compt's team recognition benefits elevate employee appreciation with a personal touch. From bonuses to shout outs, we help you create a culture of genuine appreciation that strengthens your team.

Why Team Reconigition Stipends?

Enhance Engagement

Ditch the one-size-fits all approach. Personalized rewards let employees choose what truly motivates them, leading to higher participation rates and productivity.

Fuel Morale

Meaningful recognition fuels happy, motivated teams. Compt's stipends show employees their contributions matter, driving morale and peak performance.

Foster Loyalty

Recognizing achievements builds loyalty and reduces turnover. When employees feel valued, they become dedicated team members. Compt makes appreciation easy.

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Employees enjoy a clear, easy-to-navigate dashboard, taking the confusion out of benefits and making for a more satisfying experience.


How It Works

Make recognition seamless with our user-friendly platform. Effortlessly distribute stipends and empower employees to choose their rewards. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Design Your Program

Craft a recognition program that reflects your company culture and values. Choose stipend amounts and categories that celebrate your team's unique achievements.

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2. Deliver with Impact

Effortlessly distribute recognition stipends through Compt's user-friendly platform. Employees can then select the rewards they cherish most, fostering a sense of empowerment and appreciation.

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3. Measure Success

Compt provides detailed insights into how stipends are used so you can see their impact on morale and engagement. Track effectiveness and easily make adjustments.


Why Compt for Team Recognition

Unlock personalized recognition, effortless management, and data-driven insights all without the luxury price tag. Building a thriving team culture is affordable. Here's why Compt stands out.


True Choice, True Appreciation: Empower employees to choose the rewards that truly resonate with them. With Compt's flexible reimbursement model, they can shop anywhere and get reimbursed for what matters most, fostering a sense of ownership and appreciation.


Efforless Management: Compt steramlines recognition administration. Employees simply upload receipts for their chosen rewards, and reimbursements are handled seamlessly through payroll. Focus on building morale, not paperwork.


Inclusion at its Finest: Compt is designed to be inclusive and flexible, ensuring everyone feels valued by delivering recognition privately or publicly, whichever they prefer.

Or Go All-Inclusive with a Compt Lifestyle Spending Account

With years of experience at the forefront of the LSA, Compt continues to redefine how benefits should be designed and delivered.

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  • Innovate Your Offerings: Leverage our expertise to design LSA programs that go beyond conventional benefits, addressing everything from mental wellness to professional growth.
  • Customize to Individual Needs: Compt’s intuitive platform empowers employees to use their benefits in ways that matter most to them, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty. Not to mention, it’s so simple to design, deliver, and reimburse.
  • Thrive with Comprehensive Support: Just like your people, we’re constantly growing and improving. Benefit from continuous innovation and support that ensures your LSA program remains relevant and actually used (and loved!).

Crafting LSA magic for HR teams, brokers, and ADP partners

At Compt, we understand that everyone has unique needs and goals for LSAs. Whether it’s enhancing the employee experience or transforming workplaces, we’re on board! We’re here to work alongside you in delivering customized solutions that make a difference for everyone.

Streamline and personalize benefits

Compt helps HR teams design and manage LSAs that boost satisfaction and retention. Simplify administration and gain insights to focus on growth.

Diversify your benefits portfolio

Offer clients customizable benefits that not only stand out to employees but also fit nicely into their overall compensation package.

More wins and added value

Compt’s integrations simplify benefits management and enhance client value. Scale effortlessly and enjoy a seamless experience with Compt.

Why Compt Customers Love The Platform

Andrea Srock, HR Manager

"Thanks to...our friends at Compt for understanding us, our teams, and making our working relationship so effortless. Or dare I say it...easy?!! Of all our partners, Compt has been my personal favorite to work with. And let's be honest, it's my favorite to use, too!"

Andrea Srock

HR Manager at Healthpeak Properties, Inc.

Jamie Calabria, Talent Acquisition

"We've been using Compt for several years to manage stipends for our team, and it has been a game-changer. The workflow is incredibly user-friendly for our employees, and on the admin side, it makes processing reimbursements through payroll effortless."

Jamie Calabria

Talent Acquisition at Crossbeam


Fuel Team Success with Personalized Recognition

Start building a culture of appreciation with Compt. See how investing in a happier, more productive workforce begins with personalized recognition.

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