300 Years Until Gender Equity?! Unacceptable.

by Lauren Schneider March 14th, 2023

In Episode 3 of Getting Personal with Compt, we spoke with Saná Walker (ACC, PHR, SHRM-CP) Chief Girlfriend at HRGirlfriends.com. Also an HR consultant and DEIB expert, Saná is a prominent figure in the human resources industry with a focus on supporting women in HR.

This episode is part of a series by Compt, a reimbursement platform that helps companies offer personalized employee perks, team recognition, and expense management.

HRGirlfriends started out in 2013 with little to no direction. Today it is a thriving, robust community that supports the professional and personal development of the women who go out every day supporting the workforce of companies with as little as five employees and as many as 10,000 plus.

"We also support organizations through HR consultancy services. So we provide lots of services to help organizations stay compliant and thrive," said Saná.

The interview starts with Saná sharing her experience in HR and discussing the importance of employee benefits and perks. She emphasizes that employee benefits are not just a nice-to-have, but are essential for creating a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains talent. Saná also highlights the need for companies to consider the diverse needs of their employees and offers insights on how companies can improve their employee benefits program.

Compt Head of Communications Lauren Schneider then asks Saná about the gender pay gap and the timeline for achieving gender equity in the workplace. She shares her perspective on the issue and suggests ways that companies can work towards achieving gender equity, highlighting the importance of transparency, accountability, and collaboration in creating a fair and equitable workplace. Saná also emphasizes that achieving gender equity is not just a matter of ticking boxes but requires ongoing effort and commitment from companies.

"Equal Pay Day is sort of a thorn in my side," Saná said, "as an African American woman who runs her own business, who also is in a position to see salaries and financials of organizations, I have a view that only a small portion of the business world get to see, right? And so I get to see what goes into paying fair salaries or not.

I think about what I used to subscribe to around it being the responsibility of women to be better negotiators. I really did. I thought that it was my responsibility to get all the skills necessary to negotiate. It didn't dawn on me in my early twenties that, honestly, it wasn't just on me that it was the responsibility, probably more so on the employer to stand tall and pay me what was fair for the work."

Throughout the interview, Saná shares her insights and expertise on various HR-related topics, including employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development. She offers practical advice and suggestions for companies to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture that benefits both employees and the business.

Watch the full interview for valuable insights and perspectives on employee benefits, gender equity, and creating a positive workplace culture. The interview offers practical advice and actionable steps that companies can take to improve their employee benefits program and work towards achieving gender equity in the workplace.

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