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Compt is the new way to offer employee perks

Compt helps companies design, manage, and measure perk stipend programs so employees can get the perks they want, and HR can track their success. 

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1. Design your customizable perk program.

You determine the parameters of your company's perks program including how much you’d like for employees to spend, in what timeframe, and within which categories.

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2. Invite your team to spend

Once you've crafted your company's perks program, invite your team to Compt so they can begin spending their lifestyle spending account money on the perks most relevant to them and their needs.

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3. Reimburse your team

Your team uploads their individual perk receipts as they spend their allowance. Then once a month, log in to Compt and with two-clicks download your report for payroll to reimburse employees.

Compt also provide data to show you what perks are being used, and by who.

Tailored Perks

Instead of managing every perk and vendor individually, Compt helps you put your employees in control of their perks, allowing you to focus on other HR initiatives. 

budget conscious

Don't be forced into picking a few perks; offer every employee perk. Giving employees lifestyle spending accounts helps them get the perks they want and need most.


Aligns with organizational goals

Company values

Take a strategic approach to perks that provides a competitive edge for the company.

Remote teams

With your employees purchasing their perks, the process is the same whether you have 10 or one hundred employees.


Compt ensures your perks are properly accounted for with the new tax code so you and your CFO can sleep at night.

Considering a new approach to perks?

Whether it's selecting vendor aggregators, discount platforms, debit card programs, or Compt -- our goal is to help you select the best perks program for your situation. That's why we've created a helpful comparison graphic. 

Want more tailored tips from our perks experts?

Discuss your current program goals and challenges, and we’ll provide tactics you can implement to make your work more impactful!