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Make delight your competitive edge.

We help you to build, streamline, and scale perk allowances that will delight your team and give your company a more productive and engaged workforce.

lifestyle spending account budgets Compt

1. Design

Decide amounts, timeframes, and categories for your employees’ spending accounts.  

lifestyle spending account Compt

2. Invite

Compt lets your team access all of their information so you don’t need to constantly answer questions, look up individual balances, or replace lost debit cards. 

lifestyle spending account expenses Compt

3. Reimburse

Employees upload their individual perk receipts as they spend and with just two-clicks you can download your monthly report for payroll and refund them.

Compt also gives you data about perk usage and overall engagement so you can follow trends and adjust to changes. 

Data integrations with your payroll providers

API integrations with tools you already use

compt slack integration

We integrate with Slack!

Through our Slack integration, you can:

Notify your team of their new bonus

Surprise and excite your team by sharing the great news about their bonus where they work -- Slack.

Let people share the love

Your team members can share their perk purchases with everyone in a designated #HowICompt channel keeping your company's generosity top of mind, and doubling-down on your culture.

Most commonly built perk stipends

Make a big difference in your employees’ lives without spending more money.

health and wellness stipend

Health & Wellness

From gym membership to meditation apps, running shoes or massages, support every employee’s journey to health.

Remote employee perk stipend category

Remote Employee

Treat your remote workers with the same level of care as your on-site ones, regardless of distance.

learning stipend

Learning & Development

Give your team the tools for success no matter where they’re at in their careers.

meal plan stipend

Meal Plans

Let them eat cake (or whatever else they’d like) with a meal plan that gives them choice and convenience.

all-in-one perks

General Perk stipends

Create an all-in-one perk program so your employees can get what they need most.

experiences stipend


Expand their horizons and encourage new experiences by giving a stipend that empowers them to grow.

sam's perk stipend

What could your people accomplish with a perk stipend?

Tailored Perks

Increase efficiency with individualized perks.

Instead of managing every perk and vendor individually, create a customizable program that is easy to use, manage, and scale.

budget conscious

Make your perks for everyone.

Compt helps you support everyone equally, whether they’re a single city-dweller or married in the suburbs.


Align perks to your company’s culture and values

Make your perks strategic by aligning them with your company's mission, values, and goals. 

Company values

Gain a competitive advantage

Companies who use Compt have greater employee engagement with perks. 

Remote teams

Recession-proof perks that scale up or down

With your employees purchasing their perks, the process is the same whether you have 10 or one hundred employees.

IRS compliance

Ensure 100% tax compliance

Ensure full tax compliance with your perks so you and your CFO can sleep comfortably at night.

Considering a new approach to perks?

Download this comparison graphic to see if a vendor marketplace, discount platform, debit card option, or Lifestyle Spending Account through Compt is the best perk option for you and your team.

Ready to see how Compt can help?

Let's connect to see how perk stipends can help you achieve greater success.