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Compt is a perk management and rewards software with everything you need to support your team -- whether you want to increase the breadth of perk offerings, offer something for everyone (hello inclusion!), consolidate existing perks into one powerful platform, or streamline your perks administration process.

Our Solutions

Help your people reach new heights

Perk Stipends

Offering perks the traditional way are one-size-fits-all and time-consuming to manage.

With Compt's Perk Stipends, you can create custom perk programs to empower your people to pick the perks they want, when they want. From their favorite meditation app to lunch deliveries, books to skill-up, and more -- you make it possible.

Make flexible and custom perks possible, without any of the complexity.

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Rewards & Recognition

Points-systems are a thing of the past. Experiences are cool, but they're not appropriate right now.

Give your people what they really want -- to be recognized in a way that makes a genuine impact on their life.

Compt's Rewards & Recognition tool stops you from guessing what people want and lets your people pick exactly what's best for them and their evolving needs.

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