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Make your perks your competitive advantage. 

We help companies build, manage, and measure their perk stipends so they can support the individual needs of their employees which means everyone is happier, more engaged, and every company dollar is well-spent.

lifestyle spending account budgets Compt

1. Design your perk program.

You determine the parameters of your company's perks program including how much you’d like for employees to spend, in what timeframe, and within which categories.

lifestyle spending account Compt

2. Invite your team to spend

Once you've crafted your company's perks program, invite your team to Compt. All the information they need is at their fingertips inside of their Compt account, saving you from answering questions, looking up individual balances, or replacing lost debit cards.

lifestyle spending account expenses Compt

3. Reimburse your team

Your team uploads their individual perk receipts as they spend their allowance. Then once a month, log in to Compt and with two-clicks download your report for payroll to reimburse employees.

Compt also provide data to show you what perks are being used, and by who so you can see who is engaged and how that trends over time.

Common perk programs through Compt

You don't need a lot of money to make a big difference in the lives of your employees.

health and wellness stipend

Health & Wellness stipend

From gym memberships to meditation apps, running sneakers and more, support every employees' journey toward a healthier self.

learning stipend

Learning & Development stipend

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed, regardless of where they are in their career.

Remote Employee stipend

Equally resource your remote employees as you do your on-site ones with a remote stipend.

Meal Plan stipends

Give your employees the power to pick the food they want, when they want it.


Experience stipends

Empower your employees to experience all of life by giving them a stipend that encourages them to expand their horizons.

all-in-one perks

General Perk stipends

Create an all-in-one perk program so employees can get what they need most.

sam's perk stipend

Example of a Lifestyle Spending Account through Compt

In the example to the left, Sam's company has allocated $100 per month to her and other employees to spend in the following perk categories: continuous learning, health & wellness, and food.

This month, Sam purchased books, a gym membership, paid for a lunch with her team, and still has $20 remaining.

How would you spend this $100 this month?

Tailored Perks

Individualized perks saves you time & money.

Instead of managing every perk and vendor individually, Compt puts your employees in control of their perks, helping you to make the most of your budget and giving you the time to focus on other high-value HR initiatives. 

budget conscious

Increase your engagement rate and employee happiness

When employees select their own perks they no longer feel excluded by perks that don't apply to them. Compt helps everyone equally whether you're a single city-dweller, or a married family living in the suburbs. 


Align with your company culture and values

Don't get caught in the company version of 'Keeping up with the Jones'' -- with Compt, you can align perks with your company's mission, values, and goals, making it a much more strategic approach.

Company values

Give your organization an unfair competitive advantage

While more companies are catching on, only the most people-first organizations are offering lifestyle spending accounts.

Remote teams

Recession-proof options that scales as you grow (or shrink)

With your employees purchasing their perks, the process is the same whether you have 10 or one hundred employees.


Ensure 100% tax compliant perks

Compt ensures your perks are properly accounted for with the new tax code so you and your CFO can sleep comfortably at night.

Considering a new approach to perks?

Download this comparison graphic to see if a vendor marketplace, discount platform, debit card option, or Lifestyle Spending Account through Compt is the best perk option for you and your team.

Ready to see if Compt can help?

We're here to help. Let's talk through your company's current goals and challenges with perks, and see if LSA's can help you achieve greater success.