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Compt is the new way to offer employee perks

Transform your one-size-fits-all employee perk program into a perk stipend that supports the individual needs of every employee while aligning with the company’s values and remaining in budget.

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1. Set your budget

You determine the parameters of your perks program including how much you’d like for employees to spend, in what timeframe, and within which categories. Once you have the elements solidified, invite your team so they can begin spending their perk budget.

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2. Reimburse your team

Your team uploads their individual perk receipts as they spend their allowance. Once a month, log in to Compt to view reports to see which employees are engaged and also download your report for payroll upload to reimburse employees.

Tailored Perks

One Central Location

All of your perks are located in one software, making it easy for you to gain insights on what perks are being used and by who.

budget conscious

Cost effective customization

Support diverse employees and diverse needs by enabling employees to purchase any perk they want or need that fits within the categories you choose.


Eliminates administrative burden of HR

Not only does Compt remove inefficient and time-intense work, it pushes out the time from hiring someone to manage your company’s perks and benefits.

Company values

Aligns with company values

Take a strategic approach to perks that provides a competitive edge for the company.

Remote teams

Scales as the company grows

With your employees purchasing their perks, the process is the same whether you have 10 or one hundred employees.


IRS Compliant

Compt ensures your perks are properly accounted for with the new tax code so you and your CFO can sleep at night.

Transform your perks program.

With perk stipends through Compt, employees are happier, your job is more manageable, and you look like the superstar that you are.