Guy looking at phone surprised, surrounded by notification boxes of new stipends

Employee stipends: no games, just gains.

No more boring benefits. We're begging you. Why settle for corporate swag that nobody wants? Are you a landfill? NO. You're an amazing HR pro. You're uniquely you, and so are your people.

Lifestyle benefits elevate and empower your team like never before.


What if you could have your own Mary Poppins-style bag of benefits?

And what if that bag were Prada without the price tag?

We know what you're saying right now: "Be so for real." But we are! Sick of the same old benefits fluff? Us, too. That's why we craft stipend programs that are all about realness, individuality, and turning work into a vibe for every generation. Keep scrolling and you'll see.


Easy as 1-2-3. Compt works for you and me.

Flexible and personalized doesn't have to mean expensive. Offer your team quality lifestyle benefits that will have them bragging about their HR team.


1. Craft your unique program

Pick your spending categories, decide the cash flow, and bam! 'Yer a wizard, Harry.' All set to roll out these magical employee stipends.

Only with Compt can you:

  • Design Your Dream Program. Select spending categories, amounts, and timeframes – easy as pie! Yum.
  • Mix & Match for Max Engagement. Create different programs based on where they work. Worldwide currencies? We got you.
  • One Stipend to Rule Them All. Wellness, family, food, remote work? Serve up a single stipend or craft a custom combo.
  • Stipend Shapeshifting, Simplified. Tweak stipends with the finesse of a master chef. Set 'em up, change 'em, or make 'em vanish – all with a flick of your wrist (or a click of your mouse).

Be the Bob Ross of your company and create happy little employees. 🖌️


2. Simplify your grind

Say goodbye to those endless days of fielding questions, checking balances, and playing detective with lost debit cards. Say it with us: ‘That is not my job.’

Control what you can with Compt (which is a lot, actually). Your peeps have all the info they crave right at their fingertips. We do a lot of defense and blocking so you don’t get tackled with the same questions over and over.

Teams in Compt cut their admin time down to a cool ~1 hour per month. No more fuss, just focus. 👌


3. Cash Back with a Side of Intel

Employees snap pics of their receipts (the cool stuff they got with the stipend YOU gave them), and with a couple of clicks, you're downloading that monthly report for payroll payback. 

No tricks, all treats. It really is that simple. It’s why HR and finance love us.

But wait, there's more! You'll also unlock sweet deets like employee engagement numbers, utilization percentages, and metrics that will prove just how awesome your team thinks their new benefits are. 🍬


Choose as many as you like to build the ultimate, all-inclusive program or pick and choose a few to perfectly supplement an already awesome bennie package. We like it - Picasso.

health and wellness stipends

Health & Wellness

Gym memberships to meditation apps, running shoes or massages, we've got your back on the wellness front. Support every employee's journey to their best self.

Family Stipends

It's not just about childcare; it's senior care, fertility, adoption, and more. Supporting that many people can get pricey. Help your team cover the costs and lighten the load.

learning and development stipends

Learning & Development

Equip your team with the tools they need to conquer the world—whether it's their career or personal life, help them collect the gold coin and level up.

equipment stipend icon

Equipment Stipends

Help your peeps set up their workspace, whether it's a new desk for the home office or a better chair for the corporate cubicle. These stipends offer comfort and productivity, all in one package.

meal stipends

Meal Plan Stipends

Adios, Taco Tuesday. Ciao, Pizza Friday. Cater to every taste—vegetarians, paleos, sushi fanatics, and beyond—with a food stipend that's all about choice and convenience.

general perk stipends

General Perk Stipends

Craft the ultimate perk package with Lifestyle Spending Accounts. Make it all-inclusive or a la carte. Everybody gets what they need,

when they need it.

compt data integrations

Compt and Your Payroll Provider: The Ultimate Duo

We've teamed up with your payroll provider to make reimbursement a walk in the park.

Don't spot yours on the list? Hit us up, and we'll spill the beans on the ones that are secretly in the works.


Your HR Ecosystem's Bestie.

We're all about that API life, connecting seamlessly with your favorite tools like Google, Slack, and Okta. Microsoft Teams coming soon...

compt slack integration example

Pay all the attention to that man behind the curtain.

It feels magical like Oz, but it's real life with Compt! Our Slack integration puts the power in your people's hands:

  • Check balances & claim perks

Compt info at their fingertips—no more questions, just instant gratification for your squad.

  • Brag about your buy

The #HowICompt channel: Where they flaunt their Lifestyle Spending Account game and others find a new something-or-other they didn't know they needed! Boost culture and benefits awareness with style.


Compt: The choice of very awesome, people-first companies like yours

Masterclass, Carrot, and Punchbowl swear by Compt because it:

  • Sets up in under 15 minutes, with just 30 minutes of monthly management
  • Embraces vendor diversity, so your people can choose anything
  • Handles international currencies with ease
  • Ensures 100% IRS compliance without any extra effort
  • Offers straightforward fixed-price plans with no per-user fees

(because PEPM is so 2000-and-late)


Elevate Your Benefits Game.

Branded coffee mugs? Dust collectors. An office ping pong table and bean bag chairs? Who has the time? And our backs say no thanks. Perks are out. Lifestyle benefits are in.

Carpe the hell out of that diem and get a demo of Compt today.

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