perk stipend software

Perk allowances tailored to your teams' needs.

Software to customize, automate, and scale employee perk allowances so you can support your diverse team regardless of where they live or their current life situation.

Offering perks the traditional way is one-size-fits-all, expensive, & time-consuming to manage.

Compt's unique no-vendor perk allowances put you in the driver seat to curate a customized perks program with unlimited perk options making it 100% personalized to your them and their always-evolving needs.

Popular stipends created with Compt

Create what suits your organization and employees' needs most

learning and development stipends

Learning & Development

Give your team the tools for success no matter where they’re at in their careers.

health and wellness stipends

Health & Wellness

From gym membership to meditation apps, running shoes or massages, support every employee’s journey to health.

remote employee stipends

Remote Employee

Treat your remote team members with the same level of care as your on-site ones.

equipment stipend icon

Equipment Stipends

Help your people get their home office setup so they can be comfortable and productive.

meal stipends

Meal Plan Stipends

Cater to your vegetarians, paleos, sushi-lovers, and more with a meal plan that gives them choice and convenience.

general perk stipends

General Perk Stipends

Create an all-in-one perk program so your employees can get what they need most.

Trusted by today's top companies

Companies like Masterclass, Webflow, Nextdoor, and Great Place to Work all use Compt because we're the only software that:

  • Takes less than 15 minutes to set up, and 30 minutes a month to manage
  • Has unlimited vendors so that people can choose what they want when they want it
  • No per user fee & simple fixed price plans
  • Ensures 100% IRS compliance, always, without any extra effort from you