The Ultimate List of Employee Perks & Vendors [2023 Update]

Use this comprehensive list of employee perk vendors, software, and products to develop the perfect perk program that your team will absolutely love.


Successful companies are realizing that making an employee feel valued goes beyond delivering a paycheck. Employers that help their employees create work-life balance, encourage them to learn career skills, and give them flexible schedules, are the ones at the forefront of attracting and retaining top talent.

And a big part of how they do this is through employee perks.

We want you to help your employees reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve curated a massive list of employee perks and perk vendors that any HR and People Ops professional should consider, whether you're developing a stipend program from scratch or if you're looking to make significant improvements to how perks work at your company. This resource will help you upgrade your company's fringe benefits. 

Here's what you will find:

  1. Best Employee Perks
  2. Best Employee Perk Vendors & Products
  3. How To Choose The Perfect Employee Perk

1. Best Employee Perks

From meditation apps and ping pong tables to breast milk shipping, we have a long list of employee perks for you. While some of these may be already implemented in your organization, like generous parental leave and employee well-being programs, keep an open mind for some of the nontraditional ones that can be just as meaningful to your team.

Employees have different preferences, needs, and lifestyles. Do your best to add a different employee perk into your mix. Here is our list:

Top Perks Across Industries:

Remote- and Hybrid-Related Perks:

[Here is some valuable reading: how to revamp & improve your perks when budgets are tight, the steps to addressing burnout (especially helpful for achieving buy-in), and improving mental health.]


Not sure which perks are best for your team?

Instead of picking individual perks, consider taking a new approach. Whether it's an all-inclusive lifestyle spending account or a few stipends to support your company's values, our goal is to help you make the best decision for your team. Check out our comparison graphic to make your decision easier.


2. Best Employee Perk Vendors and Products

We understand the hassle of reaching out to individual perk vendors to create a diversified employee perks portfolio. And we've got you covered.

Here you will find a list with trusted perk vendors who will help you bring happiness to your organization:




Catered Meals:




Career Development:

  • LinkedIn Learning: Learning platform for employees
  • Masterclass: Online classes taught by well-known industry experts and celebrities
  • Blinkist: Book review app
  • Udemy: Online learning platform
  • Codeacademy: Free coding classes
  • Coursera: Online courses and credentials
  • edX: Online course provider created by Harvard and MIT
  • Duolingo: Language learning website and app

Career Coaching:

Personal Development:


Onsite health amenities:

Wellness Apps:

  • Aaptiv: Audio-based workout guidance
  • Calm: Guided meditations and sleep support
  • Elevate: Cognitive training app
  • Hotseat: Helps get employees away from their desk and take a break
  • Meditation Studio: Guided meditations featuring meditation experts
  • Power Nap App: Gives employees mental rejuvenation to feel fresh
  • Welltok: Set custom wellness goals and play mind-stimulating games

Wellness Coaching:

  • Conscioux: Results-based wellness coaching focused on sleep and nutrition
  • Wishroute: Text message-based accountability service to build healthy eating and exercise habits



  • Optimum: Ergonomic set-up assessments, trainings, and products



  • BenefitEd: Helps employees reach their financial goals
  • CommonBond: Offers education and student loan contribution programs
  • Credible: Student loan refinancing tool which allows you to compare prequalified rates from 10 vetted lenders.
  • Goodly: Helps employer contributions improve financial wellness
  • Gradifi: Student loan refinancing at competitive rates
  • SoFi: Online personal finance company that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages, and personal loans.
  • Helps companies pay employees' student loan debt


  • Edukate: Financial wellness benefits platform
  • LearnLux: Financial planning education 


  • Hire caregivers and babysitters
  • Caribu: An interactive video-calling app that allows parents and grandparents to read, draw, and play games with their (grand)children when physically apart.
  • Milk Stork: Ship breastmilk from anywhere in the US to your home
  • OviaHealth: Maternity and family benefit solutions for employers and health plans
  • UrbanSitter: Childcare

Education-as-a-benefit for parents

  • Everydae: Digital tutor for high school students. Education-as-a-benefit for parents of teens.
  • TutorMe: On-demand tutor for students. 


  • Bivvy: Pet insurance
  • Rover: Dog boarding, sitting and walking service
  • Wag: Dog walking services


  • Grammarly: Editing software for everything you write
  • Todoist: To-do list and planner app
  • CamScanner: Turns your phone's camera into a portable scanner
  • Buffer: Social media management platform
  • Trello: Digital bulletin board
  • Slack: Useful group messaging and coordination tool
  • Asana: Keeps track of your team's project management and communication
  • Tide: Timer app that mimic the popular "Pomodoro Technique"
  • Evernote: Cross-platform note-taking service
  • Pocket: Great read-it-later offline reading tool


  • Bundle Select: Offer companies and employees a customized online platform to bundle all of their real estate services
  • Optikal Care:  Recurring discount on contact lens subscription box


  • Croissant: Visit 700+ global workspaces with one membership 
  • Compt: Create a perk stipend that's flexible and provides millions of perk options (regardless of location)



Are you spending too much money on your vendors?

Check out our Perk Vendor Cost Calculator to calculate what you're spending every month and year on your vendors. Save money and delight your CFO when you consolidate your HR tools with Compt.


3. Feeling overwhelmed?

Choosing an employee perk and vendor can be a difficult task, especially when there are endless options and you want to deliver the best possible one to your employees as part of their lifestyle benefits. However, since employees are different from each other, there is no one "perfect and cool" perk that will make everyone happy.

Don't sweat it!

We want to help you make the right decision so we've compiled a list of resources to help you choose the best perks:

The Top Three Employee Perks

  1. Flexibility: Who doesn't like having the flexibility to work in their optimal environment? Trust your employees by giving them the flexibility to choose their work location and hours, and they'll feel more motivated and eager to work.
  2. Wellness Initiatives: Our bodies are temples, so we should treat them that way! It's a good feeling to know your workplace cares about your health. Through company-organized initiatives and programs that are focused on true wellness, employees become more appreciated, more mindful, and of course, more productive. 
  3. Lifestyle Spending Accounts: We've saved the best for last. These programs give the power and freedom to the employee to choose what they feel is best for their life. Read more about Lifestyle Spending Accounts

The best companies are those that recognize that their employees are all different and that their perks should be too. These organizations are now adopting Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs). With LSAs, employees are given an employer-contributed account for them to purchase whatever perks are best for them and their needs.

Download our eBook on Lifestyle Spending Accounts to take your perk strategy to the next level.

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