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Your team wants personalized perks that match their needs. You want to minimize costs and headaches. Our perk stipends can help.

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Create personalized & meaningful benefits.

Create your perk stipends in minutes

Select from individual stipends like Health & Wellness, Remote Work, Meal, Equipment, Learning & Development, or build a custom program. Your people can spend it on what they want, when they want it -- we're vendorless!

Effortless for your entire team

Compt manages all the personal spending information for you and your employees so that everyone  can check their balances, submit perks receipts, and track their spending -- which means less questions for you.

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Flexible, scalable, & affordable programs for you.

Customizable without the complexity

Streamline your processes and reduce the administrative burden down to one hour a month.

Always 100% IRS compliant

Compt is the only perk management solution with built-in IRS compliance and fully automated so you and your finance teams can sleep comfortably at night.

Flexible benefits tailored to your unique team members

How it works

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Build a customized program

Decide how much each employee has to spend within a category and time-frame to begin developing your company’s perk stipend.

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Streamline your admin

From checking balances to submitting perk receipts, everyone has the information they need at their fingertips. Compt reduces your administrative work.

Get effortless reporting & strategic insights

Payroll and finance reports available at the click of a button. Plus, see details like your employee engagement rates, stipend usage percentages, total exposure,  and much more.

Popular stipends created with Compt

Create what suits your organization and employees' needs.

Remote stipends

Remote Work Stipends

Empower your team to work comfortably and productively from the comfort of home.

health & wellness stipends

Health & Wellness Stipends

From gym membership to meditation apps, running shoes or a Peloton, support every employee’s journey to health.

meal stipends

Meal Stipends

Cater to your employees' food needs with a meal plan that gives them choice and convenience.

equipment & tech stipends

Equipment Stipends

Help your people get their home office setup so they can be comfortable and productive.

custom perk stipends

Custom Perk Stipends

Select from our 15 spending categories to create an all-in-one perk program so your employees can get what they need.

Why top companies are choosing Compt

We're an all-in-one perk management solution that:

  • Works seamlessly for all of your employees - regardless of whether they are at HQ, fully remote, or working in another country.
  • Has a unique vendor-agnostic approach so that employees get exactly what they want when they want it.
  • Ensures 100 percent IRS compliance without any extra effort from you.
  • Supports all currencies.
  • With API integrations with tools you already use: Slack, Google, and Okta. And data integrations with TriNet, ADP, Gusto, Ultimate Software, Zenefits and more. 
  • Has no per-user fee & simple fixed price plans.
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to set up, and 30 minutes a month to manage.

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