The Easy Way to Offer Stipends

We are the #1 perk stipend software that's fully customizable to your company's needs, 100% IRS-compliant and able to support global teams.

Trusted by thousands of employees in over 14 countries and counting

Employee stipend software designed for your people (and your people ops team).

Stop over-complicating perks. Whether you want a remote work allowance, a wellness stipend, or a huge portfolio of lifestyle perks (without the huge cost), Compt's stipends make everyone happy: our customers see an average of 90% employee engagement.

Design, manage & monitor perks in one place.

There are many ways to manage perks, but they're mostly time-consuming and manual (hello emails, spreadsheets and points systems). With Compt, everything's crystal clear and in one place.

More choice than any other perks solution

With Compt stipends, employees are free to shop from vendors they're most interested in, rather than you listing each one out. In turn, you're able to support purchases from popular name brands, small businesses, mom & pop shops, and everything in between.

Yes, we're IRS-compliant and international-friendly

Did you know some perks get taxed too? Rather than leaving a mess for your finance team, Compt is specifically built to comply with tax law. And because we've done the legwork, we support international currencies too.

Hey, we've been in your shoes

We're founded by a multiple-time former COO and CFO who understands the challenges of fostering a positive and inclusive employee experience.

Put your people first

Compt helps you design your ideal perks program that matches employees needs today - whether you're going remote, hybrid, or back to the office.

Save time for your people ops team

With Compt's perk software, your team can manage the entire reimbursement process with a few clicks a month. Imagine how many hours of work that saves!

Offer global, inclusive perks

Compt helps you give equal support to your international team members as those stateside. This is key when creating an inclusive employee experience.

We integrate with your existing tools

If you don't see the one you want, send us a note to see if it's already in the works

For us, Compt is a personalized platform to meet employee needs - whether it’s a development need or one that’s personal or professional - to make them feel whole. There’s something deeper and more meaningful here than what you think of with “perks”, but yet the process is so efficient and easy. 

Ann Nadeau

Chief People Officer, Great Place to Work®

We had 330 perk receipts submitted in the month of June. Just imagine if we tried to do this manually or use an expense software, then it would be going through finance, cost more money, and it also wouldn’t be an accurate line item. It’s just much easier to manage this way.

Heather Doshay

VP of People, Webflow

Happy and supported employees await