three people and the amounts they spent through stipends with compt

Stipends: Upgraded lifestyle, better benefits.

  • Tailor-made lifestyle benefits? Easy.
  • Local squad or global team? We're there.
  • Tax-savvy? Always.

Crafted for the bold, not the bored.

Chosen by HR leaders globally.

Compt is the backbone of progressive HR teams that redefine workplace culture, foster employee engagement, and totally obliterate toxic work environments, creating a place where every person's lifestyle and well-being are prioritized.

This isn't your average HR software.

It's a revolution in employee benefits.


When you think Compt, think IRS-compliant, finance-friendly, and ridiculously adaptable to your team's needs. Compt is where you craft compensation and benefits that truly resonate with every person on your team. Flexible, inclusive, hyper-personalized.

We’re not just talking benefits; we’re talking life upgrades for your crew.

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Stipends that Shatter Expectations

Whatever you call 'em - stipends, Lifestyle Spending Accounts, allowances - unleash true choice with Compt. No more cookie-cutter perks – this is about real freedom.

  • Zero Vendor Ties: Spend anywhere, from a corner café to box stores.
  • Flexibility on Tap: Create or tweak stipend programs in a flash.
  • Tax-Smart: We’ve got the IRS stuff covered.
  • Seamless Integrations: Pals with your payroll and HR systems.
compt rewards and recognition phone

Rewards & Recognition. Because you're worth it.

Saying thanks can be easy and meaningful with Compt. So show them you give a hoot, no excuses.

  • Simplified Setup, No Nonsense: Celebrate anniversaries, give ‘shout outs’, or reward greatness – it's your show, set up in minutes.
  • Slack It Up: Rock the workplace with our Slack magic, boosting visibility and major recognition vibes.
  • IRS? Chill, We Got This: Compliance? No worries, it's in our DNA. Your focus? Making your team feel appreciated.
compt expense management platform

Expense Management That Makes Dollars and Sense

One platform to rule them all. Ditch the chaos, streamline reimbursement, and still have time for lunch.

  • No More Juggling: Handle stipends, rewards, and expenses all in one slick platform. Pay people through payroll so cash stays in the bank.
  • Your Rules, Your Way: Customize expense categories to match the vibe. Choose the approval process that suits you – you're the boss.
  • Tax-Savvy So You Don’t Have to Be: Forget the tax headache. We've nailed IRS compliance, including the Standard Mileage Rate in the mix.

Stipends that mean business.

Your workplace, your rules.


You've read the articles, you've sat in the conferences and trainings. Every person on your team wants different things on different days. Take control with Compt. Create stipend programs with categories designed to flex and adapt as your team's desires evolve.

No more guesswork, just tailored perks that keep your team thriving.

Results? Amplified. People? Satisfied.


Just a few of our stipend categories...


Home Office


Health & Wellness


Task management






Professional Development



Team Events

Financial Wellness


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No HR tool left behind: Compt's integration game is strong.

We play nice with your existing tool kit so you can, like, chill for once.


We take security seriously.

With Compt, your data is safe and secure. Always.

We're SOC Type II Compliant and GDPR Compliant for your peace of mind.


Why our customers love Compt

It's been a really easy and fun way to offer perks to our employees, which has added to the experience our employees are having. It's a low lift on the HR side which goes a long way with employees.

Leslie Neitzel

CHRO, Carrot

We had 330 perk receipts submitted in the month of June. Just imagine if we tried to do this manually or use an expense software, then it would be going through finance, cost more money, and it also wouldn’t be an accurate line item. It’s just much easier to manage this way.

Heather Doshay

VP of People, formerly Webflow

Compt has been instrumental for us to be able to increase employee satisfaction and utilization rates far higher than we could have ever achieved with our old perks approach.

Melissa Salcius

Director of People Operations, Fictiv

Compt helps our team members to be aware of the stipends that we're offering and empowers them to make the choices that make the most sense for them and their loved ones.

Melissa Theiss

Head of People Operations, Column


Lifestyle benefits, but make it legit.

Nearly 70% of employees say they’d stay at their company thanks to their Compt benefits. You hear that? Fewer quitters, happier employees. Sounds worth at least a demo, tbh.

Go on. Try us out.

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