Why Compt? Because every employee deserves better.

At Compt, we're on a mission to revolutionize the workplace experience. We believe that every employee, no matter where they are or who they are, deserves a workplace that prioritizes balance, belonging, and empowerment.


Step aside, Kim. Compt is here to break the internet, too.

Our game-changing approach is turning heads worldwide. We're not just a trending headline or a viral moment; we're the benefits revolution everyone's been buzzing about for 6 years and counting.


People ops is in our DNA

We're not your run-of-the-mill HR software; we're the life of the benefits party, and here's why:

Our founder? Legendary. We're talking a three-time CFO and a two-time COO who has been in the HR trenches and knows what it's like to face the daily grind. Amy Spurling has walked the walk, and that's what drives us to slay the beast that is lifestyle benefits, helping you face HR challenges head-on.

We're all about making your life easier, and we're not just talking about the basics. We're talking next-level simplicity, like nailing that 100% tax compliance stuff that other solutions just gloss over (big yikes on their part).

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Benefits that celebrate diversity and spark inclusivity

We’re on a mission to create workplaces where everyone shines, feels valued, and belongs.

But we're not just making promises; we're walking the walk. We're a vibrant blend—55% female, 31% BIPOC, and 23% LGBTQ+—because diversity is our strength, and inclusion is our jam. Plus, we have a badass female founder leading the charge.

We're not your typical benefits software. We're the trendsetters, the inclusivity enthusiasts, and the worldwide change-makers. No boundaries, no restrictions—just lifestyle benefits that elevate every single employee, no matter where they're based.


Employee engagement is our superpower.

Most heroes keep their powers secret, but not us. We’ll shout from every rooftop and the highest peaks that people don’t just love their Compt benefits, they actually use them!

The highest utilization rate of any software (except payroll of course) – 90% of employees (and often more) take advantage of their stipends. Whether it’s a Lifestyle Spending Account, Rewards & Recognition, or something as simple as submitting business expenses, the people can’t get enough of Compt.

Don’t just take our word for it. HR pros and employees have been known to brag about us, too.

HR & Compt. We belong together.

With Compt, we’re able to prioritize our employees’ unique health and wellness needs in a powerful way.

Kelly Nekota
People Operations Specialist at Nextdoor

This perk has allowed me to spend time with the people I care about. ...I was able to expense a flight home to surprise my mom for her birthday. That's priceless.

Jared Littlejohn

Compt lets us say 'yes' to the varied requests we get for perks by putting the choice in the individual team members’ court.

Heather Doshay
VP of People at Webflow

I love using Compt perk stipends because of the flexibility.

Carissa Stajnrajh

Honestly this is the best perk I could imagine.

Emily Ehrnschwender

Put the ‘human’ back in human resources, one stipend at a time.


Unlock the full potential of your benefits programs with Compt. No more boring perks that only 3 employees like or use. Join the movement toward inclusive, flexible, and personalized lifestyle benefits.

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