Why Compt? Because Every Employee Deserves the Best.

At Compt, we're redefining what workplace benefits mean. Every employee, everywhere, deserves a workplace that values balance, inclusion, and empowerment.


Redefining Boundaries to Reimagine Benefits

Forget the ordinary. Compt is here to revolutionize the benefits game. We're not just a fleeting trend; we're the benefits evolution that's been making waves for over 6 years. And lots of people are talking about us.


Built by People Ops Pros

We're not just another HR software.

Our founder, Amy Spurling, is a three-time CFO and two-time COO who's faced the same HR challenges you do. Amy's real-world experience fuels our mission to conquer the complexities of lifestyle benefits and make HR simpler for you.

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Why We Stand Out

True Simplicity: We take care of the heavy lifting, especially the tricky tax compliance, so you don't have to.

Diversity & Inclusion: Our team is a vibrant mix - 55% female, 31% BIPOC, and 23% LGBTQ+. We practice what we preach because diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords to us; they're our foundation.

Employee Engagement: Our benefits aren't just loved, they're used. With a 90%+ participation rate, our offerings like Lifestyle Spending Accounts and Rewards & Recognition programs are hits among employees all over the world.

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Benefits That Deliver More (for less $$)

Our secret? We don’t have one. Employees love Compt because our benefits are designed to be used, enjoyed, and talked about. We boast the highest utilization rate in the industry—90% and climbing. Don't just take our word for it.

HR & Compt. We Belong Together.

With Compt, we’re able to prioritize our employees’ unique health and wellness needs in a powerful way.

Kelly Nekota
People Operations Specialist at Nextdoor

This perk has allowed me to spend time with the people I care about. ...I was able to expense a flight home to surprise my mom for her birthday. That's priceless.

Jared Littlejohn

Compt lets us say 'yes' to the varied requests we get for perks by putting the choice in the individual team members’ court.

Heather Doshay
VP of People at Webflow

Transform Your Workplace with Compt


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