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Expense management, reimagined.

Easy, breezy, and beautiful. It’s not Covergirl. It’s Compt! Who knew expense management could be so lovely? We did.

No drama, no extra vendors, and enough money leftover for avocado toast and $6 lattes. A dream come true.


You’ve got two tickets to paradise. Pack your bags and expense it tonight.

Or whatever Eddie Money said. 

Are there people out there who actually get excited when they see, "Disclaimer: pieces sold separately”? Rhetorical question, but we took it into account when we built Compt.

That’s why we offer stipends, rewards and recognition, and expense management all in one. Also because we actually like HR people and want to make your lives easier. 

Spice up your life business expenses with Compt.

You gotta break up with software that keeps saying, "I miss you and I swear I'm going to change (trust me)." Say hello to the future of effortless expense management. Like moving from T-9 texting to a whole Sidekick keyboard: a game-changer you won't want to miss.

reimburse expenses

Reimburse right through payroll

Click, click, and you’ve just funneled reimbursements straight into your payroll system. We've got the smoothest integrations with all major payroll apps, making payday a breeze.

customizable approval process

A customizable approval process

Tailor your approval process to match your company's vibe. Whether you're a lean startup or a corporate giant, our flexible system adapts to your size and style.

Sales Incentive Bonus

With built-in IRS compliance

Taxes keeping you up at night? Get some Zzz’s with Compt. We’re like the sandman of business expenses with IRS rules baked in, so you can relax for once.

expenses of all types

Use it for any kind of business expense

From jet-setting on business trips to treating clients to fancy dinners, even your software subscriptions, mileage, and more. Compt has you covered.

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Expense Reimbursement with Compt

The HR darling. Finance's new bestie

So fab you’ll catch yourself uttering, “Wow I, like, really love this software…”

  • A hassle-free review process? Check.
  • Customizable expense categories to fit your needs? Double check.
  • Able to make quick tweaks to claims? Checkerooni.
  • Separate reporting for expenses and stipends? You betcha.

It’s party time. P-A-R-T-Y. Because you gotta.


Compt: where payroll meets its perfect match

We're the Cupid of payroll, the heartthrob of HR tech, what Bridget Jones was actually writing about in her diary. We've got the connections to make payroll and expense management work together in perfect harmony. Hugh Grant, is that you? No, it’s Compt. But we’re pretty dreamy, too.


Compt: The ride-or-die for innovative, people-centric companies like yours

Masterclass, Jenni Kayne, and Chick-Fil-A are all in on Compt because it:

  • Sets up faster than you can say "benefits" with just 30 minutes of monthly TLC
  • Embraces vendor diversity, so your people can pick their own adventure
  • Handles international currencies like a pro globetrotter
  • Ensures 100% IRS compliance without lifting a finger
  • Offers clear-cut fixed-price plans with no nickel-and-diming

Expense management can be cool, too. 


To the left, to the left. Put your old expense software in a box to the left.

Compt is actually irreplaceable when it comes to simplifying expense management. Receipts, reimbursements, compliance? Let us handle it so you can say goodbye to the never-ending spreadsheet struggles and the hours spent in Excel hell.

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