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Employee rewards & recognition: We live for the applause

Whether it’s gracias, danke, mulţumesc, merci, or arigato – say thanks in everyone’s language: money! Your people will go gaga for it.

Don’t worry, there’s cashless shout-outs, too. But it’s way more fun to add a little razzle-dazzle when shining a spotlight on awesomeness.


Cha-ching! It’s past time those sad corporate bonuses got a glow-up. 

The $10 gas station gift card ain’t it. We love a Wawa hoagie or our Dunkies as much as the next person, but it’s not going to help us pay for daycare or the internet bill. Sorry not sorry.

Snooze-worthy rewards aren’t memorable or personable.

Cash and gift cards are a nightmare for finance teams. Manager-to-employee, peer-to-peer - bonuses should be all about celebrating wins and making people feel like rockstars. 


Epic rewards that'll leave your team speechless

Next-level employee recognition is a one-way ticket to advocacy and referrals. All aboard the “I love my benefits” train because we’re about to show you some magical options that would even blow David Blaine’s mind. With Compt you can give a:

Birthday Bonus Stipend

Birthday Bonus

If the last office party evoked “IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.” then it’s time to trade in the Dwight Schrute of bonuses. Treat your people to something they'll actually love on their special day.

Anniversary bonus

Milestone Moments

Fight the sophomore slump or offer a standing ovation for 25 years. Celebrate your employees' work anniversaries in style. Because reaching milestones deserves some serious recognition.

Sales Incentive Bonus

Sales Superstar Rewards

Warm up the cold calls and motivate and honor your top sales performers like the champs they are. Sales incentives may not buy them that new house on an episode of Cribs but hey, they’ll feel like rockstars!

Employee Spot Bonus

Spotlight on Success

Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter when you recognize a great job with spot bonuses. Whether a shoutout from a colleague or kudos from a manager... not a cloud in the sky for this parade.

compt slack integration

Recognize here, there, everywhere.

One of our favorite ways to brag about our coworkers is through the Compt x Slack integration. With it, you can:

  • Deliver Instant Bonus Notifications: Make the excitement real-time by announcing new bonuses directly in your team's Slack channels.
  • Share the Love: Empower employees to showcase stipend purchases in a dedicated channel, amplifying benefits and culture.
  • Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Whether they want to shout “thanks” from the mountaintops or privately send a few bucks to a coworker who could use a pick-me-up, Compt is here to help.

Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh.

True about Ciara and Compt’s integrations. Our APIs make your HR ecosystem a streamlined experience. Seriously – we’ll be the vendor you can set and forget because of it. You’re welcome.


Compt: The go-to for epic, people-centered companies like yours

ButterflyMX, Jackbox Games, and Polyvinyl Records are all in on Compt because it:

  • Gets rollin' in <15 minutes. Only 30 minutes to manage monthly? Say less.
  • Celebrates vendor diversity, so your crew can choose whatever floats their boat.
  • Nails international currencies like a pro, impressing CFOs everywhere.
  • Locks down that 100% IRS compliance without breaking a sweat.
  • Keeps it straight-up with flat-rate plans, no pesky per-user fees (PEPM who?)

Turn it Up to 11.

Bust the roof off your company celebrations with rewards and recognition, Compt style. 

If people still said “rad” or “ballin’” or “tubular,” that’s what your employees and rewards could be. Instead of blankly staring at the gift card wall at Target or stuffing a bonus check into a sad envelope, go for the benefits glow-up.

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