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Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Guide 101: Lifestyle Spending Accounts

LSA's are the new hot perk in town, and for good reason. They're flexible, cost-effective, and easy to manage.

Blog Compt

Our Blog

We share valuable content to help you become the best HR & People Ops professional you can be.

Employee Perks

List of Employee Perks & Vendors

Use these comprehensive lists to develop the perfect perk program that your team will absolutely love.

Guide Employee Perks

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Perks

Everything you need to know about employee perks with our comprehensive guide. From best practices, important considerations, and their future; we cover it all.

Perks Statistics

Employee Perks Statistics

A list of employee engagement and satisfaction statistics that showcase how taking employee perks seriously can positively impact your business.

Company Culture Index Compt

Company Culture Index

A database of company culture initiatives to be inspired by. Use the filtering options below to create your next perfect company or team ..

HR Events and Conferences

HR & People Ops Events

Find over 40 of the top HR conferences to attend this 2019. From WorkHuman to HireConf to the free HR Virtual Summit - we have something for you.

Employee Experience

Guide to the Employee Experience

Improve your employee recruiting, engagement, attrition, and happiness numbers by introducing personalization.

HR Glossary

The HR Glossary

Equity Theory? Employee Life Cycle? Lifestyle Amenities? LIFO? Be in the know.

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