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Happier Employees & Higher Retention

How VTS improved employee retention by 15-20% with Compt


VTS is a leading real estate CRM software provider, enabling businesses to manage leasing, occupancy rates, and aggregate data effectively. With close to 500 employees, VTS operates in multiple countries with offices in the United States (New York and California), the United Kingdom (London), and Canada, and employs nearly 30 full-remote employees in locations like Alaska and Florida. VTS embraces a hybrid work model with employees spending three days per week in the office and the rest working remotely. The company has diverse age groups but primarily comprises individuals between 25 and 70 years old.

The Challenge

Recognizing the importance of keeping employees engaged and satisfied, VTS sought to provide additional perks and stipends.

The transition to remote work during the pandemic highlighted the need for benefits beyond standard office equipment, such as ergonomic chairs and desks and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. These offerings initially started as a response to the unique circumstances of COVID but quickly evolved due to their success and high employee engagement.

While the VP of People Operations at VTS played a crucial role in introducing lifestyle benefits solutions to the team, Payroll Manager Jensy Acevedo would use the platform more than anyone else in the company. He was looking for something accessible and easy to use for both himself and his employees.


There is nothing that compares to what Compt offers.

Jensy Acevedo, Payroll Manager at VTS

Jensy Acevedo

Payroll Manager at VTS


See why the whole company loves Compt

For VTS, the availability of additional perks and benefits through Compt has been instrumental in creating a positive work environment and enhancing employee loyalty.


The Solution

VTS chose Compt to manage custom perks to its hybrid and dispersed team, including:

  • A $1500 annual stipend to support employee learning and development with a portion that can be used specifically for health and wellness purchases
  • A stipend to support the VTS Ambassador Program, which aims to build better connections within the company.
  • A stipend to reward the "President's Club" with an all-expenses-paid trip
  • Various spot bonuses to support the company's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which enhance workplace culture and community

Success Metrics with Compt

employee engagement

88% team engagement

Satisfaction increase

15% to 20% increased employee retention

money hand

1720 vendors used in 2022

vts logo

“Makes me feel great when I can explore new things, and it is covered by Compt!”

- VTS Employee


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