Compt integrates with Sapling to streamline perks administration for people operations teams

by Linda Le Phan

Today, Compt announces its integration with Sapling. Compt is employee stipend software that gives employees the freedom to choose the lifestyle perks that are best for them and their always evolving needs, while also simplifying the perk administration process for HR teams. Sapling is the leading People Operations Platform that streamlines HR processes, creates a consistent employee experience, and empowers People Operations teams with connectivity, data, and insights on their global workforce.

About this integration

This integration between Compt and Sapling helps People Operations teams using both solutions gain an even more streamlined and efficient experience managing their lifestyle benefits. It enables the employee data that's readily available on Sapling to automatically sync with Compt's lifestyle benefits platform, resulting in more time back in the hands of your HR team to work on other important initiatives.

Whenever there are changes to a Sapling customer's employee base (whether from new hires or departures), their instance of Compt will automatically be updated to reflect the current employee list, saving admins the effort of ever needing to manually add, remove, or update employees in the database.

Partnering with Sapling helps Compt in our mission to drastically alleviate the administrative burden of perk and stipend management for our customers, while also helping our customers create an environment of balance and belonging for their people through equitable benefits.

Compt is the #1 employee stipends platform that gives your people the freedom to choose the lifestyle perks that are best for them and their always evolving needs, even when remote. Interested in learning how Compt might benefit your company? Consult with our team or request a demo.

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