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Equipment Stipends:

What You Need to Know

Equipment stipends aren't just for employees working hybrid or remotely. Companies need to support their teams wherever they are. Set them up for success with an equipment stipend and see productivity skyrocket.

We developed this guide to give you everything you need to know about equipment stipends.

With this eBook, you will learn:

  • The most effective strategies to attract, manage, and retain your most important asset: your people
  • What an equipment stipend is, plus examples from companies that have implemented the stipend successfully
  • Benefits of equipment stipends for teams of all sizes
  • How to set up an equipment stipend for your organization

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Equipment Stipends: What You Need to Know

This 11-page eBook gives you a whole picture of Equipment Stipends and how to achieve team management success by applying them strategically.

The chapters:

  • What is an equipment stipend?
  • Examples of equipment stipends
  • What people spend their equipment stipends on
  • Benefits of equipment stipends
  • How to create a work equipment stipend for your organization

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