Case Studies

Companies of all sizes, locations, and industries choose Compt to host their employee stipend programs. Learn about the successes they experience with Compt.

heather doshay

Webflow uses Compt to seamlessly provide comprehensive benefits to its global team

Carrot scaled employee stipends

Carrot scales stipends for its distributed team and streamlines employee reimbursements with Compt

Nextdoor use case

Nextdoor's People Team uses Compt to offer perks with global reach and to broaden their employees' options for wellness

VTS Use Case Thumbnail

VTS improved employee retention by 15-20% with Compt, offering stipends and spot bonuses to support company culture

Fictiv employee engagement

With Compt, Fictiv's perks are exciting, relevant, & customizable to its globally distributed workforce

Thumbnail with Column logo and newspaper classified section background

Column implemented stipends with Compt to improve employee benefit visibility, utilization, & satisfaction

ButterflyMX case study thumbnail

ButterflyMX chose Compt to manage a custom wellness perk stipend program they call the “Self-Care Stipend”

marc volpe use case

CFO, Marc Volpe, used Compt to offer more perks, improve culture, & effortlessly ensure 100% IRS tax compliance


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