How Compt Customers are Supporting the People of Ukraine

by Lauren Schneider March 9th, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24th, 2022 as the largest conventional military attack in Europe since World War II has quickly escalated beyond a powerful assault and into a full-scale humanitarian crisis. 

As fighting stretches into the second week, more than 2 million refugees have fled the war-torn country, many of whom are women and children. Among the men staying to fight is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In response to the conflict, many Americans are both boycotting Russian companies and asking how they can help those in need, Compt customers included. 

Giving their own money and stipend dollars

Compt customers are not only going out of their ways to reach into their pockets to donate to Ukrainian and global charities, but they’re also asking how they can use their stipends to do so. Rather than spending their monthly or quarterly perk dollars on supporting their own well beings, Compt customers are looking outward and prioritizing others in need during this time of crisis.

Some of our customers have employees currently in Ukraine who are in need of aid. When the conflict began, they immediately reached out to us and asked how they could open up their stipends categories to give their Ukraine-based employees full control to spend additional funds however they saw fit. For some, this meant money to pay for travel to neighboring countries to get their families to safety.

The employees who aren’t located in Ukraine still expressed they wanted to help in meaningful ways. One Compt customer, Webflow, is matching donations 4:1 (if you donate $10, they’ll add another $40) up to $500,000 when people select one of five organizations, including the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. In just one day, donations exceeded $115,000. 

Internally, we turned on the "Charitable Giving" category for our regularly occurring stipends, which allows our team to donate whatever amount they so choose to an organization of their choice for the next month. 

This has proven to be helpful for our customers, as well, since so many of their employees are researching which charitable organizations to which they’d like to donate, in a larger effort to support the people of Ukraine.

Ways you can help, too

Donating to charities from abroad can sometimes be cumbersome; it can be difficult to navigate websites in different languages, convert dollars to local currencies, or know where to make a meaningful donation. 

We at Compt want to help, so we’ve compiled a list of charities to get you started.

Ukrainian charities accepting donations

The Kyiv Independent, Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, recently compiled a list of charities across the country that was shared on Reddit, which has grown exponentially since it was posted. The list is organized by subject and is, in part, below:

Other organizations aiding Ukraine

Here are some of the other, international organizations you may be familiar with that are aiding Ukraine in a variety of ways:

Donations to these organizations will also help further humanitarian work in Syria and Afghanistan.

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