Announcing a six-webinar series focused on helping People Ops professionals improve their Employee Experience

If you're in people operations, improving your employee experience is likely a high priority on your "must do" list.

To help companies everywhere tackle the different elements of their employee experience, six innovative HR technology companies have partnered up to share strategies, tactics, and programs that have worked for their customer-base.

From enhancing your employee retention through personalized perks to developing better recruiting strategies, these are the six webinars you won't want to miss this year: 

1. How To Use Perks to Increase Employee Retention

Wednesday, March 6th at 2:00pm EST.   

Read our blog post sharing the webinar highlightsHosted by Compt.

Companies are investing more money on employee perks than ever before, but employees are less happy with the perks being offered. Why? The approach to perks is the same as it was ten years ago and has finally broke.

HR is still put to the impossible task of picking the few best perks that will be offered to everyone. But, as more of the business world moves towards personalization, traditional perks have not kept up. Since they're not tailored to the needs of individuals, employees are left with perks they don't want or can't use, resulting in HR scrambling to manage the employee consequences. However, going without perks isn't an option, so as the market changes, organizations must innovate.

Join Sarah Bedrick, Cofounder at Compt to discuss:

  • The current state of employee perks
  • 3 innovative ways to use perks to retain employees
  • Templates for you to turn your company's perks program into one that all employees will love.

Read the blog post covering the webinar highlights.

using perks to retain employees

2. How You Can Remove Open Office Pressure Points to Keep Employees Happier, Longer

Wednesday, March 13th, 2:00pm EST. Hosted by Robin.

The open office is messy. Don’t believe us? Just ask Google. You might only have a small office now, but the faster you grow, the more you’ll feel those office pressure points as people compete for workspaces. And as people compete for workspaces within the office, you’ll find your company competing for top talent outside the office.

What’s going to help people stick around longer? An office environment built for activity-based work, with the right technology to help people move around the office with trust and ease. So whether you have permanent seats for everyone, a remote-first culture, or already hit your space capacity, join Brendan O’Neil, Sales & Partner Enablement Lead at Robin to chat: 

  • How the workplace experience has evolved
  • How companies can avoid an open office fiasco with these strategies
  • Flexibility
  • Visibility
  • Confidence
  • Change Management
  • Three things you can do today to help keep the office happy
  • Want to learn more about a shared desk environment? Check out their guide here.
improve the open office to increase employee happiness

3. How Network Recruiting Will Change the Way You Hire

Wednesday, March 20th, 2:00pm EST. Hosted by Drafted.

If your team is 50 people, your first-degree company network is about 50,000 strong. Are you leveraging these 50,000 people during every step of the hiring process to maximize results?

Network recruiting is not a tool or a program, it’s a strategic way of thinking about hiring that will help your company punch above its weight class when it comes to hiring.

Featuring Drafted founder and CEO Vinayak Ranade, this webinar will go over

  • The foundations of network recruiting
  • How network recruiting has evolved and what you can do to adapt.
  • Tactics that you can implement in your company within 24 hours to deliver immediate impact on your hiring pipeline.
  • Ways to empower your employees to utilize their network to build a strong team.
network recruiting

4. How an Employee-Friendly Corporate Travel Policy Can Benefit You and Your Team

Wednesday, March 27th at 2:00pm EST. Hosted by

Corporate travel is an essential part of helping your company grow and thrive, but it can be very stressful on your team. A lot of corporate travel policies don’t take into account the employee travel experience. A bad travel day can lead to unproductive meetings, wasted money, and employee turnover. Luckily there are ways to implement employee-friendly travel guidelines that won’t break the bank or give you any extra work to manage.

Mike Crawford, Customer Success Manager at, and Shelby Byrnes, Travel Expert, will show you: 

  • How the world of corporate travel has evolved
  • How to implement guidelines that will improve your team’s travel experience
  • How to help your team deal with difficult travel situations
  • Tips to prevent corporate travel burnout
  • Ways to help your employees save money while traveling for business
employee travel policy

5. How People Ops Can Fight Financial Stress in the Modern Workplace

Wednesday, April 3rd at 2:00pm EST. Hosted by LearnLux.

Your employees are financially stressed. Yes, YOURS. The 2008 recession is more than a decade behind us, yet many American employees are more financially stressed today -- retirement planning is changing, student loans are a burden, and your top team members are probably more stressed than you may realize. Worries about money could be undermining your employees' ability to do great work, impacting your bottom line and keeping you from reaching your growth potential. But with a focus on financial wellness in the workplace, you can increase employee productivity, drive investment in benefits like your 401k, and hire the best talent in the most competitive markets.

Rebecca Liebman, CEO of LearnLux, will walk you through:

  • Identifying signs of financial stress in your organization
  • Conducting a financial wellness assessment
  • Comparing top financial wellness benefits on the market today
learnlux fight financial stress

6. How to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve the Employee Experience

Wednesday, April 10 at 2:00pm EST. Hosted by Humanyze.

Corporations now have insight to thousands of data points around their workflow processes, team structure and organizational health. How can leaders leverage these data points to understand how work is actually getting done within their organizations, and maximize the employee experience? By understanding how teams are collaborating, leaders can make informed decisions around corporate culture, team structure and organizational health. 

Join Ben Waber, MIT PhD and CEO of Humanyze, to learn;

  • How data is changing the way we work
  • What organizational data exists within companies
  • How managers can use corporate data to improve the employee experience
data-driven decisions

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