🎉Big News: Professional Certifications Just Joined the Party

At Compt, we’re not just about offering lifestyle benefits; we’re about revolutionizing the way you think about them. Gone are the days of unused perks or offering off-the-wall benefits just to say you did. 

We believe in benefits that people actually use, love, and that genuinely make a difference in their lives. That’s why we’re super psyched to tell you about the latest addition to your lifestyle benefits lineup: Professional Certifications. 

Why Professional Certifications and Licenses? To take the burden off your people.

We’re all about growth, exploration, and pushing the envelope. We’ve also seen it all—brilliant nurses, dedicated teachers, and sharp legal minds (just a few of many careers!) hustling not just in their jobs but also to keep their professional certifications polished. And yeah, it's a bummer when pursuing your passion comes with a side of hefty renewal fees. Why should the commitment to your career mean a dent in your wallet? Spoiler alert: it shouldn’t.

Professional certifications are your team’s golden ticket. They're not just about adding a fancy line to the LinkedIn profile or some letters after their names (though that’s pretty cool, too); it’s about empowering your team to grab their careers by the horns and steer it in the direction of their dreams.

How It Works: Like a Charm!

Our platform is as easy as pie (and equally delicious). Seriously, we’ve made sure of it. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Choose Your Adventure: Some careers call for specific certifications or licenses. They know best what they need to renew and when to retest. Compt is here to help support that journey, whatever it looks like.
  • Stipend Magic: When an employee adds that certification course to their online cart or submits the forms to renew a license, they can use their Compt stipends to pay for it. Just submit the receipt and see the money on the next paycheck. Yes, it’s that simple. No hoops, no hassles. And don’t worry– HR and finance have the power to review claims to make sure they fit within your policy.
  • Learn and Grow: Dive into a course, absorb all that knowledge, and emerge a certified expert in their chosen field. And you, the awesome HR pro, helped make it happen. Woo!

This is about giving you, the employer, the reins to personalize your benefits in a way that sparks joy and ignites your team’s passions.

The Compt Advantage: A Piece of the Bigger Picture

When we talk about adding professional certifications to our lineup, we’re not just tossing in another benefit or added platform feature – we’re adding a vital piece to a much larger puzzle. Our goal? To craft a holistic lifestyle benefits experience that truly resonates with every facet of your employees’ lives. 

Professional certifications are just one part of this rich tapestry, allowing them to grow in their careers without the financial strain.

And here’s the kicker: activating this category is so ridiculously simple. Fancy integrating professional certifications into your benefits package? It’s just a couple of clicks away in your Compt dashboard. Not a fan of clicking around? No worries! Your dedicated Compt customer experience (CX) buddy is always ready to jump in and make things happen. We’re all about keeping things smooth, straightforward, and – dare we say – enjoyable.

Beyond Certifications: Your Benefits, Your Way

This new category is your gateway to a world where benefits are more than just a list – they’re a customizable experience tailored to your people and their unique lifestyles. Whether they’re looking to dive into a new hobby, keep their wellness in check, or explore the world, Compt’s platform is everyone’s oyster. And just like with professional certifications, bringing these experiences to life is effortless.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about what we offer; it’s about how we support you in making the most of it. Whether it’s a question, a new idea, or just a chat about how to maximize your company’s benefits, our team is a message away. We’re here to ensure that navigating lifestyle benefits is as joyful and stress-free as possible.

Ready, Set, Go: Unlock Your Full Benefits Experience

Eager to blend professional certifications with your broader lifestyle benefits program aspirations? Let’s make it happen. With Compt, activating the professional certifications category—or any part of your holistic benefits puzzle—is straightforward, empowering, and just plain fun. That’s right. Benefits can be fun.

Reach out to us or give your Compt dashboard a whirl to start crafting your ideal benefits landscape today.

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