The Art of Executive Assistance: Nurturing Relationships and Amplifying Influence

In the fast-paced corporate environment, the role of an executive assistant (EA) is crucial in ensuring smooth operations, effective communication, and support for the executive they work with. In a recent episode of "Getting Personal with Compt," we sat down with Renee Viens, who provided valuable insights into the world of executive assistance, emphasizing the importance of building relationships, clear communication, and supporting both the executive and the organization's goals.

In this blog post, we will delve into the key takeaways from the episode and explore the art of executive assistance. If you'd like to watch the full interview, click play.

Building Relationships: The Conduit of an Organization

Executive assistants often act as the crucial link between various departments and individuals within an organization. As Renee mentions, EAs have multiple touchpoints with HR, marketing, product, design, customer service, and more. This necessitates building strong relationships with individuals across these departments. By networking, understanding other people's work, and sharing knowledge, EAs can become the conduit that ensures smooth communication and collaboration within the organization. Their ability to anticipate needs and create serendipitous opportunities helps drive the organization forward.

Asserting Influence: Communication and Vision

For an executive assistant to be effective, Renee says clear and transparent communication is paramount. EAs must ensure that the executive's vision and directives are clearly communicated to the relevant teams, especially when the executive cannot be present everywhere simultaneously. In this role, EAs often become the executive's proxy and must assert their professional perspective and insights while advocating for the executive's agenda. By using various communication modes tailored to different individuals' preferences, such as email, Slack, meetings, or personalized messages, EAs can ensure that crucial information reaches the right people at the right time.

Nurturing Trust: A Balancing Act

Balancing the advocacy of the executive's agenda with asserting one's own professional perspective can be a delicate task. In the conversation, Renee highlights the importance of building trust with the executive and their high-value contacts. When an executive trusts their EA, they are more likely to share high-level strategic information and involve the EA in decision-making processes. EAs must continuously demonstrate their reliability, empathy, and ability to understand the executive's mindset. By stepping into their shoes, anticipating their needs, and aligning their strategies with the executive's goals, EAs can become invaluable partners.

Challenging Situations: Empathy and Strategy

The interview also touches on challenging situations that EAs may encounter, one being a corporate reorganization and downsizing scenario. In such situations, Renee says the EA must approach communication with utmost care and sensitivity. They become the bridge between management decisions and the emotions of the affected employees. EAs must step into the shoes of both the executive and those impacted, crafting messages that convey empathy and understanding. This requires strategic thinking, considering how messages will be received and perceived by different individuals. By exercising their empathy and understanding, EAs can effectively manage difficult situations and maintain trust with all stakeholders.

Takeaways from This Episode

The role of an executive assistant goes beyond administrative tasks; it encompasses relationship-building, clear communication, and strategic influence. By acting as the conduit between departments, EAs become integral to an organization's success. They amplify the executive's influence, ensure clear communication of directives, and assert their own insights to support the larger goals of the organization. Nurturing relationships, especially with other EAs, creates a network that fosters knowledge sharing and professional growth. Ultimately, a skilled and empathetic executive assistant increases efficiency, enhances collaboration, and contributes significantly to creating a more human workplace experience.

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