Navigating the Retention Revolution: Insights from Erica Keswin's Latest Book

In an episode of "Getting Personal with Compt," a show dedicated to delving deep into the world of employee experience and the future of work, our Head of Communications, Lauren Schneider, had the privilege of sitting down with Erica Keswin, a workplace expert and best-selling author. Erica's latest book, "Retention Revolution," offers valuable insights into how organizations can retain talent in an ever-evolving work landscape.

Pre-order the book now! Available September 26th, 2023.

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Defining the Retention Revolution

Erica begins by explaining the concept behind "The Retention Revolution." She describes it as a significant shift in how we approach work, particularly in the context of today's diverse workforce and changing expectations. The traditional model of employees staying with one company for their entire careers is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, people are creating "portfolio careers" and seeking different experiences.

The key to the retention revolution, according to Erica, lies in being intentional about the entire employee journey. From onboarding to offboarding, organizations should focus on creating a positive and fulfilling experience for their employees. This approach not only benefits the employees but also yields bottom-line advantages, especially when it comes to retaining top talent.

Changing Perceptions About Career Longevity

Erica emphasizes that, in today's world, it's essential to acknowledge that employees may not stay with one company for their entire careers. Rather than viewing this as a negative, organizations should embrace it and focus on creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and development while employees are present. By doing so, even if an employee eventually leaves, they may stay longer than they initially intended, resulting in tangible benefits for the organization.

The Role of Middle Managers

Middle managers are highlighted as central figures in "The Retention Revolution." Erica points out that people often leave companies because of their managers, not the organizations themselves. Elevating the role of middle managers and providing them with recognition and training is crucial for retaining employees. Middle managers are the linchpins connecting leadership with frontline employees, making their role pivotal in shaping the employee experience.

Challenges in the Ever-Changing Talent Marketplace

In a rapidly evolving talent marketplace, it can be challenging to keep up with the changes. Erica acknowledges the difficulty in predicting the future and the constant shifts in the job market. However, she believes that the principles outlined in her book, such as creating a more human workplace, developing employees, and focusing on flexibility, remain relevant regardless of economic fluctuations. Organizations that prioritize these aspects will thrive in any environment.

Erica's Favorite Learning

Erica shares a powerful learning experience from her journey of writing "The Retention Revolution." She highlights the importance of genuinely asking, "How are you really, really doing?" in team meetings or one-on-one conversations. This simple question, when asked with sincerity, can open doors to meaningful conversations and foster connection, especially in a post-pandemic world where employees may be struggling with loneliness and isolation.

Who Should Read "The Retention Revolution"?

Erica's book is not limited to a specific audience; rather, it offers valuable insights for anyone involved in managing teams or projects. Whether you're a leader, manager, or individual contributor, there's something in the book for everyone. It provides a guide for leaders to implement positive changes and offers individuals seeking new opportunities a checklist to assess potential employers.

Where to Find "The Retention Revolution"

"The Retention Revolution" is available for pre-order and will be officially released on September 26th. You can purchase it from various retailers or find more information on Erica Keswin's website, Additionally, those who pre-order the book can attend a special webinar hosted by Erica, where she delves deeper into the topic of elevating managers.

"The Retention Revolution" offers a timely and insightful perspective on how organizations can navigate the evolving workforce landscape while retaining their valuable talent. Erica Keswin's passion for creating a more human workplace shines through in her conversation, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the future of work and employee experience. As the world of work continues to transform, "The Retention Revolution" provides a roadmap for success in retaining top talent and fostering a workplace that thrives in any economic climate.

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