Case Study

How Webflow Uses Compt

Webflow used Compt to offer more perks with less money, support their 70% remote team, and make their team happier and healthier.

76% of team used perks 

In their second month with Compt, 76% of their team was using their perk stipends on meaningful, relevant perks.

remote workers

Support 100% of remote team

70% of Webflow's team is remote and now they're able to support 100% of their remote team as equally as their on-site team.

Less time spent managing perks

With employees in control of their perks, Webflow only needs to spend 30/minutes a month to manage.

"Compt lets us say “yes” to the varied requests we get for perks, by putting the choice in the individual team members’ court."

Heather Doshay

VP of People, Webflow

Health & Wellness Stipend Spending

After we analyzed the usage of one of Webflow's stipends -- their Health & Wellness stipend -- we noticed their employees received a lot of personalized perks.

Their team received 95 unique perks, in 36 health and wellness-related categories, with 22 different gym memberships being used.

How could an HR or People Operations professional be expected to create a program that supports this diversity of need? 

This perfectly illustrates the power of a Compt lifestyle spending account.

health and wellness perk stipend

Webflow now offers more perks with less money.

Instead of following the traditional method of HR-purchased perks, Webflow put some money in the hands of employees so they could buy the health and wellness, as well as continuous learning-related, perks they want and need most.

Changing the purchasing process allows companies to offer more perks for the same amount of money or less.

Webflow supports 100% of remote team members

Webflow's HQ is in San Francisco and offers their in-office team generous commuter stipends, daily catered lunch, and swanky office design.

With Compt, they were able to support their remote team -- 70% of their company -- equally as much.

Minimize the administrative burden on HR and finance

Compt helps their HR team eliminate the manual work with managing individual perks by removing them from the purchasing equation.

This means more time for HR to focus on other high-value work. 

New visibility into what perks are being used and by who

Most companies are unable to see what their perk adoption rates look like which means there's no visibility into what perks are being used and by who. 

With Compt, Webflow can track participation rates, dollars spent, and measure team or individual engagement, making it easy to see who is engaged and who isn't, as well as develop future company culture initiatives.

We had 330 perk receipts submitted in the month of June. Just imagine if we tried to do this manually or use expense software, then it would be going through finance, cost more money, and it also wouldn’t be an accurate line item. It’s just must easier to manage this way.

Heather Doshay

VP of People, Webflow

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