bonus software

Bonuses to celebrate your team's successes

Send employee bonuses in just a few seconds making your recognition easy and meaningful, always.

Bonuses as a part of your compensation strategy 

Instead of giving your team gift cards which are limiting or cash which is impersonal, tie your bonus programs to a perk allowance so employees can get what they want when they want it.

Effortlessly create bonuses with Compt

Make your people feel seen, heard, and valued.

Birthday Bonus

Treat your team to what they really want on their birthday.

health and wellness stipends

Anniversary Bonus

Celebrate your employees' major milestones at your company.

Sales Incentives (SPIFFS)

Motivate and recognize your top sales performers.

Spot Bonus Recognition

Acknowledge and reward a job well done, whatever it might be.

compt slack integration

We integrate with Slack

Through our Slack integration, you can:

Notify your team of their new bonus

Surprise and excite your team by sharing the great news about their bonus where they work -- Slack.

Let people share the love

Your team members can share their perk purchases with everyone in a designated #HowICompt channel keeping your company's generosity top of mind, and doubling-down on your culture.

Trusted by today's top companies

Companies like Masterclass, Webflow, Nextdoor, and Great Place to Work use Compt because our:

  • Bonuses take just a few minutes to set up and send.
  • Integrates with Slack so you can notify your team of their new bonus in Slack and/or email.
  • Software is 100% IRS compliance, always, without any effort from you.