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How ButterflyMX launched a new employee wellness program with Compt

ButterflyMX offers 200+ global employees customizable and personalized perks.  


ButterflyMX is a technology company founded in 2014 that makes property access simple. Residents and building staff at more than 6,500 properties use ButterflyMX to open doors, gates, and elevators all through a smartphone.

Headquartered in New York, New York, ButterflyMX is a team of more than 200 designers, engineers, customer success managers, marketers, and sales professionals from around the world. The company has four offices across the globe, including the New York headquarters and a European headquarters located in Croatia. They plan to add more than 100 new team members in 2022.

The Challenge

As its team grows, the ButterflyMX leadership team aims to improve the employee experience. They already added a 401k match and additional vacation days, but they wanted to go beyond this and level up their benefits program to meet the unique needs of its scattered employee population. 

Their HR team sent out multiple surveys and each time came up with varied responses. So how could they satisfy what everyone wanted when the requests were so different? They knew they needed a solution that was customizable, flexible, and - most importantly - personal.


We asked ourselves ‘if we were to design a perfect employee wellness program that fit our needs, what does that look like?’ With all of our research, Compt was the obvious way to do everything we would want at once.

ann nadeau people officer

Lucy Lemons

Chief People Officer of ButterflyMX


The Solution

ButterflyMX chose Compt to manage a custom wellness perk stipend program they call the “Self-Care Stipend.” 

The “Self-Care Stipend” program was launched in the US and internationally, allowing all ButterflyMX employees access to funds they can spend in ways that fit their unique wellness journeys and lifestyles.

The program has proven to be a huge success; ButterflyMX was able to provide a meaningful employee wellness benefit and employees are able to use their stipends in a variety of ways. Plus, HR and finance teams aren't burdened with extra administrative work. See how Compt helps ButterflyMX distribute funds for flexible perks and stay tax compliant in countries around the world:



We let people use it on basically anything because we want them to have the ultimate freedom. We use the Slack integration so people can share what they’ve used their stipend for, and they’ve really used it on everything.

ann nadeau chief people officer

Lucy Lemons

Chief People Officer of ButterflyMX


Success Metrics with Compt

employee engagement

Stipends that engage a team spread across 9 countries

remote workers

95% team engagement in 2022

inclusive perksv

100% tax compliance for a global company


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