Zoom Calls in Yoga Pants: The Unofficial Guide to 2024's Work (Un)Culture

Welcome to 2024, where our work wardrobe is a mix of business casual and 'just rolled out of bed' chic. I see you in your Halara pants - are they yoga pants? Are they business slacks? They’re both, and we love it.

We're living in a world where Zoom calls are the new board meetings, and elastic waistbands have become the unsung heroes of our daily hustle. Let's break down the new rules of this work (un)culture, shall we?

What's In:

Home Offices That Scream 'You' 

Your workspace should be as unique as your TikTok algorithm, so personalized it’s almost scary. Plant jungles, neon lights, or a shrine to your favorite meme? If it makes you happy, it’s corporate-approved. Oh, and there’s a stipend for that – just sayin’. 

Video Calls: Filters On, Cameras Optional

Why bother with makeup when you've got filters? Nobody needs to know you didn’t fill in your eyebrows today. And let's be real: camera-off days are a godsend when you're not feeling 100%. Authenticity is key, but so is comfort.

Hustle Culture 2.0: Do It for the 'Gram 

This isn’t the kind of workplace hustle culture you’re thinking of (that kind is OUT). We’re talking about your side hustle. It isn’t just a gig; it’s content gold. Turn that Etsy store or food blog into Insta-stories and TikToks that make your followers double-tap with envy. Monetize it, baby!

Wellness Perks: Not Just a Perk Anymore 

Meditation apps, virtual yoga sessions, and mental health days aren't just perks; they're essentials. If your company isn't on board or doing something meaningful to support your holistic well-being, it’s time to swipe left on them.

Dress Code: You Do You

Whether it’s blazers with pajama bottoms or full cosplay, if it makes you feel like a boss, wear it. In 2024, the dress code is all about self-expression. Let your wardrobe be as dynamic as your personality. Colors optional. Pants required. 

Meetings That Don't Suck

Say goodbye to snoozefest meetings. Interactive platforms, virtual brainstorming sessions, and quick stand-up meets are the rage. Meetings for the sake of meetings are so drab. And in a world where we all applaud productivity (sometimes a little too much), meetings without an agenda are just a waste. If it’s not engaging, it’s not happening.

Collaboration Over Competition

Teamwork makes the dream work, literally. Shared digital workspaces, peer mentoring, and group brainstorming are in. It’s about lifting each other up. High tides raise all ships, right? There’s gotta be a reason they sang “We’re All In This Together” in High School Musical (I’m talking to the right age group here, yes?). 

Digital Nomadism

Work from anywhere, literally. Bali, your local café, or your grandma’s kitchen – as long as there’s Wi-Fi, you’re golden. The world is your oyster office, so why stay put?

Learning and Growth

Continuous learning is the new norm. Podcasts, webinars, online courses – if it’s expanding your horizon, it’s on the to-do list. Because being a know-it-all (in a good way) is totally in.

Feedback Culture

Regular, constructive feedback is in. Annual reviews? Not so much. It's all about growing through real-time insights. It can be ad hoc, weekly, monthly, whatever. Make it more frequent so everyone knows where they stand and how to improve. So, let’s keep it 100 and help each other shine.

What's Out:

The Daily Commute

Spending your precious morning hours stuck in traffic? That's ancient history. If you're commuting further than from your bed to your desk, you're living in the past. To be clear, some jobs simply cannot be done from home, and we see you. If you’re stuck commuting, maybe push for schedule flexibility, try carpooling, spice up your drive with a new podcast, or find a company that sweetens the haul with a gas stipend.

Strict Schedules

Speaking of flexibility, the 9-to-5 grind is officially a relic. It’s all about choosing your own adventure (or work hours). If your boss still loves the punch clock, maybe it’s time they met 2024. Or maybe it’s time you peruse those LinkedIn job ads that keep scattering your feed…

Being "Professional"

Formal emails, stiff meetings, and that 'corporate' tone? Boring! It’s all about keeping it real. If your emails can't have a meme or two, are you even communicating?

One-Track Careers

Sticking to one job your whole life? Yawn. It's the era of multi-hyphenates. Code in the morning, DJ at night. If your career isn’t a mixed tape of skills, you’re missing out. And those people who say resume gaps are bad don’t know what they’re talking about. Just like you’d take a gap year from school, take a gap from work. Fill that time with new experiences and learning. Life is short. Work can wait.

Outdated Tech

Using tech that’s older than Gen Z’s latest slang? Big yikes. If your office tech is giving you retro vibes (and not in a cool way), it’s time for an upgrade. You need tools that “wow” to match all that rizz you have (see what we did there?).


Hovering bosses? No, thank you. In 2024, autonomy is the buzzword. If you're still being micromanaged, it’s a red flag dressed in a power suit.

Silos in the Workplace

Working in isolated bubbles? Not anymore. Integration is key. Say goodbye to departmental divides and hello to collaborative magic. You may be working with some brilliant people who happen to be in another department, but you can certainly still learn from them. And vice versa.

Generic Office Spaces

Fluorescent lights and cubicles? I can already feel the headache coming on. Workspaces now are about comfort and inspiration. I’m not talking about bean bags, mood lighting, and a slide, but a flexible space where you’re not just a warm body in a cubicle farm. An office chair where you can cross your legs, a desk that lifts if you want to stand, a Snuggy to stay cozy, twinkle lights around some of your favorite photos. Make the space you.

Traditional Hierarchies

Rigid corporate ladders are out. Flat structures where ideas trump titles are in. Say hello to a world where your voice matters, regardless of your job title. After all, you were hired for your expertise in your field, were you not? Drop some knowledge on them.

Ignoring Employee Wellbeing

Companies that don't prioritize their team's wellbeing? Major faux pas. If your workplace isn’t looking out for you, it’s time to look out for a new workplace.

Signing Off: Embrace the New, Bid Farewell to the Old

So, there it is – your ultimate guide to navigating the wonderfully wacky world of 2024’s work (un)culture. Remember, whether you're in your home office or on a Zoom call in your favorite loungewear, you're part of a revolution redefining what work looks like. Keep it real, keep it comfy, and let’s show the world how we hustle in style.

What's your favorite part of the 2024 work (un)culture? Share this blog and add your work-from-home hacks, side hustles, and #OOTD for those Zoom calls! Let’s keep rewriting the workplace rulebook together.

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