The Ultimate List of Employee Perks and Perk Vendors

Use our comprehensive lists to develop the perfect perk program.

Every year there's a bunch of lists of "hot new perks" that emerge. 

Our goal with the content below is to compile a massive list of employee perks and perk vendors an HR or People Ops person should consider when developing a perks program from scratch. 

How the page is laid out:

  1. List of employee perks
  2. List of employee perk vendors or companies

1. List of company perks

Below is a long list of potential employee perks you could add to a perks program, listed in alphabetical order. 

2. List of perk vendors for each type of employee perk



Catered Meals


Health & Wellbeing


Student Loan Repayment

Financial Education & Wellbeing 

Career Development



Pet owners

On-Site Community-Based Activities and Clubs

Company Community



Productivity Apps

Software to enable perks purchasing:

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employee culture initiatives

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